As Galaxy screen grows, Surface may shrink

Samsung goes Mega on smartphones, and Microsoft reportedly plans to shrink the Surface tablet -- all the while, PC sales are falling. But perhaps the most important question to ask: Who gets your Google account when you die?

CNET Update believes all Google accounts go to Heaven:

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There's quite a bit of movement in Thursday's tech news roundup. Samsung pushes pocket limits with a new smartphone that boasts a 6.3-inch screen. Microsoft is expected to shrink the Surface for the popular 7-inch mini-tablet market. And the poor PC market has fallen to a record low, and the fingers point to Windows 8.

And what about wearable computers? The first units of Google Glass will be shipping within the next month. A group of investment firms -- called the Glass Collective -- are funding companies that want to make products for Google Glass. So a collective group wants to support a world where we have tech on our faces that tracks our activities and keeps us connected? Yep, doesn't remind me at all of the Borg Collective.

But when that time comes when you no longer need Glass or a Google account -- because you've died -- what happens to your data? Google lets you pass off your account to someone else or have it deleted if you are inactive for a period of time. But Google will send a text message or e-mail to first double check if you're still alive.

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