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Artsy light show reveals a surreal universe

Step away from the norm for a moment and enter the ethereal with this stunning projected spectacle by artist Romain Tardy.

Inspired by an antique pagan idol.
Romain Tardy

Sometimes, it's nice to just sit back and enjoy yourself as a mind-bending light show and distorted ambient music collide in the name of digital expression.

Throughout October, Belgian artist Romain Tardy displayed a mesmerizing art installation titled "Pagan" on an exterior wall of the Museum of National Antiquities in Toulouse, France.

The light show -- somehow inspired by a bacchanalian head from the third century -- consists of stars, lines, and abstract figures breaking apart and merging back together. Musician Squeaky Lobster provided the eerily calming music for the event, ensuring a total transformation of the senses for most observers.

"Using the idea of polymorphism that is a feature of the ancient gods, the head becomes almost invisible when integrated to the structure made of an abstract network of straight lines," Tardy says of the project, on his portfolio Web site. "The light will reveal several patterns, from abstract constellations to enigmatic symbols, that will affect the rest of the building."