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Artist uses water to create illuminated graffiti

French artist Antonin Fourneau worked with an artistic think tank in Paris to create a canvas full of thousands of water-sensitive LED lights.

The Water Light Graffiti board after receiving a thorough splashing of water. (Click to enlarge.)

We live in a world full of LED lights, but the everyday illuminated fixture simply can't inspire like the Water Light Graffiti art wall.

Created by French artist Antonin Fourneau and his team at the Digitalarti Artlab studio in Paris, this piece proves that when you mix modern technology with traditional art, something quite compelling can happen.

Fourneau and Digitalarti debuted the Water Light Graffiti wall for two evenings in late July in the French city of Poitiers. Visitors to the temporary exhibit could paint on the board using water and a variety of "brushes," such as water guns, buckets, water bottles, and so on.

In the gallery below, Crave explores the process behind creating the light wall, which consists of scores of printed circuit boards that collectively display 20,000 LED lights.

What would you draw if you had the chance to experiment with the medium?