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Artist infuses zombies into classic flicks

Lucasfilm asked artist Matt Busch to re-create the classic "Star Wars" posters with a little zombie flair. Then he just kept going.

Christopher MacManus
Crave contributor Christopher MacManus regularly spends his time exploring the latest in science, gaming, and geek culture -- aiming to provide a fun and informative look at some of the most marvelous subjects from around the world.
Christopher MacManus
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A sampling of undead movie posters by Matt Busch. Matt Busch

People just can't seem to get enough of flesh-eating zombies (or maybe it's the other way around). These days, the fantasy of a modern society fighting off zombies appears in nearly every medium of visual entertainment. Michigan-based artist Matt Busch takes this concept to a whole new level in his Hollywood is Dead series of classic movie posters featuring an undead twist.

How did it all begin? Four years ago, Lucasfilm asked Busch to create six versions of the classic "Star Wars" posters with a little zombie flair. "While they [Lucasfilm] spawned the initial idea, the real joy for me that keeps me doing them is my love for movie posters," Busch told Crave. "I'm such a fan of the classic artists like Drew Struzan and Bob Peak. So to be able to study their work up close is a lot of fun for me. And then, yeah, ripping it to a bloody mess by giving it the zombie treatment is a guilty pleasure, too."

Asked if movie studios ever sent legal notices of copyright infringement, Busch said the work falls under the safe definition of parody -- similar to a skit on "Saturday Night Live." "There have also been occasions where the studios will purchase dozens of them from me to give as gag gifts to people who worked on the real movies," Busch said.

Check out his scary movie posters in the gallery below.

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