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'Armchair Cruisers' are a potato's dream

Never leave the sofa again.

Armchair Cruisers

Sure, we can see some advantages to luxury travel like that envisioned in Boeing's latest VIP binge. But we really hate flying, in case you hadn't noticed, and would much prefer to travel by terra firma, or as much of it that West Coast seismology will allow.

So imagine our barely containable excitement upon seeing the "Armchair Cruiser," the ultimate in personal vehicles. These are no makeshift Barcaloungers on skateboard wheels--check out the photos of the latest "Rumble Bee" model to witness the care in craftsmanship, which explains the price range of $3,995 for a solor-seater to a $7,995 for the "gas-powered V-twin love seat."

"The chairs operate on a simple joystick system, which controls direction, speed and lets you turn on a dime," Gizmag says. The brakes are automatically applied when the stick returns to the middle, and automatically released when you're ready for more action."

We just hope owners will restrain themselves and not order some of the "bling" kits available. No word on top speeds, but we bet they'll still be able to beat Caroline McCarthy's motorized bathtub. Check out the video below for proof.