Arizona shooting victim stops to snap selfies of his wounds

After being shot in the shoulder in Mesa, Ariz., on Wednesday, a student decides it would be a good idea to stop and snap a few selfies.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico
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There's no limit, it seems, to where and when selfies get snapped these days -- at funerals, for example, and while floating perilously in the ocean after a plane crash.

Isaac Martinez, who sustained a shoulder injury in Wednesday's tragic shooting rampage in Mesa, Ariz., stopped amid the madness to take a few selfies of his injury to share on Snapchat. One person was killed in the incident and five injured, including Martinez. The shooting suspect, identified by police as Ryan Elliot Giroux, 41, is in custody.

Yihyun Jeong, a reporter for The Arizona Republic, posted the selfies to her Twitter page on Wednesday, showing Martinez -- an East Valley Institute of Technology student -- with a gunshot wound in his shoulder.

One of the selfies appears to have been taken right outside the Bistro 13 restaurant where Martinez was shot, and shows blood soaking through his shirt. The second shows wounds on the right shoulder and looks to have been taken from the ambulance as a smiling Martinez receives medical care for his injuries (the fact that one photo appears to show his left shoulder and the other his right can most likely be attributed to the Snapchat "mirror effect"). Fortunately for Martinez, the damage weren't terribly serious, and Jeong reports that he was recovering from the comfort of his home on Wednesday night.

I would think taking a selfie wouldn't even remotely be on my mind if I'd just been shot, but Martinez is now the proud owner of a few pictures that will forever remind him of this crazy thing that happened to him -- and of how lucky he was that his injuries weren't much, much worse. You know, in case the likely permanent scar on his shoulder doesn't.

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