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Are gimmicks the future of phones, asks Podcast 367

As smart phones take over the world, YotaPhone leads a pack of quirky new phones trying to stand out from the crowd.

Are gimmicks the future of phones? As smart phones take over the world, a fistful of new phones have turned to quirky new features to stand out from the crowd.

We take a look at YotaPhone's e-ink second screen, the Jolla's new Sailfish software, and Oppo's swivel-cam and possible plans to take on Android with CyanogenMod. With even Apple's iPhone 5S and its fingerprint sensor getting in on the gimmick action, it seems 2014 could be the year of unique and interesting devices.

Which is great -- but the spectre of the gimmicky Samsung Galaxy Beam, Nokia N-Gage and their ilk lurk in the shadows...

In other news, the HTC One Mini has been banned in a legal scrap between Nokia and HTC, Three has scrapped roaming charges when heading for the US and Amazon promises delivery drones to distract from tax and employment controversy.

And we answer your questions about gadgets new and old: what's the best way to update your gaming PC? Is it worth sticking with an old phone? And why are there never as many Maltesers as you expect?

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