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April's giraffe cam is back, but it's Tuesdays only

If you're a fan of the popular livestream, mark your calendars for a few hours each week of watching April, Oliver and their still-unnamed son.

April the giraffe's cam has had too much publicity, I thought. Do we really need to know Animal Adventure Park has brought the livestream back, but only on Tuesdays, and from 4-8 p.m. Eastern time?

And then I tuned in and the widdle baby giraffe (still not named) was waddling in circles around his mama and peeking at daddy Oliver, while April was sticking her giant velvety looking nose right in the camera lens. So I decided, awww, yeah, it's worth telling you it's back.

Giraffe-watchers seemed thrilled: Just 11 minutes after the Harpursville, New York, animal park posted the news on Facebook, nearly 1,000 enthused comments had poured in.

Wrote Jeanne Miozza LeClair: "This is such a treat, I have missed these three giraffes so much. Love the baby's interaction, he seems so comfortable now. And he's not sleeping in the corner where we can't observe him. Thank you for bringing them back to us."

The giraffe livestream, which used to be up 24-7, is YouTube's second-most-watched live channel ever.