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April's calf gets a name (it's not Giraffey McGiraffe Face)

The internet was benevolent this time, handing over naming rights to the park's giraffe keeper.

For once, the internet naming community came through. When Animal Adventure Park of Harpursville, New York, held a contest to name April the giraffe's baby boy, Giraffey McGiraffe Face didn't even make the top 10.

Instead, those who paid $1 a vote to name the livestream internet sensation went the other way, giving the power to name the calf back to one of the people who works with it on a daily basis. The winning vote in the naming contest was announced Monday to be "Alyssa's Choice," meaning head giraffe keeper Alyssa Swilley got to name the calf.

Even before the news came out, Swilley posted on Instagram: "Regardless of the name I'm just happy he'll have one. All I ask is that you do right by this handsome boy."

But in the end, it was Swilley who had the chance to do right by the calf, choosing Tajiri as its name. "Tajiri" means "hope" in Swahili. He'll be nicknamed "Taj."

"Hope is something that Tajiri has not only brought you guys, as a community globally now. But it is a hope for giraffes. We have been able to give giraffes a voice," Swilley said in a Facebook video. "We have been able to say we're losing giraffes at an incredibly fast rate and we have given the species a hope."

The giraffe livestream, which used to be up 24-7 and now is up only Tuesday afternoons, is YouTube's second-most-watched live channel ever.