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Teacher's funny fake spelling test wins April Fools' Day

Do you know the meaning of the words "blorskee," "speekuzslmn" and "chchch?" Neither does a class of elementary students who fell for a teacher's joke.

Joe Dombrowski's students need to keep an eye on their teacher.

Dombrowski works at Oakland Elementary in Royal Oak, Michigan. He administered a fake spelling test full of fanciful words with silent letters as an early April Fools' Day prank.

Dombrowski posted a video on Facebook earlier this week showing him reading off the words, using them in sentences and spelling them out as his students self-correct their exams. That video now has over 8.3 million views.

The test included words like "tangeteen" ( I eat my spaghetti with a tangeteen), "wazamata" (Wazamata with you?) and "shabolaskp" (pronounced "sha-bow-la": Be careful you do not catch shabolaskp). The students can be heard protesting the silent letters and nonsensical spellings off camera.

Dombrowski finishes by adding the final spelling words: "April Fools." The students are not having it. "It's not even April!" you can hear one shout. "It's close enough," Dombrowski says before asking them to turn in the tests, noting they will be on the kids' report cards.

In a world of increasingly elaborate April Fools' jokes, it's refreshing to watch a teacher's joyfully funny low-tech approach to pranking his students.

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