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Apres-ski the 'Star Wars' way

With this made-to-order Boba Fett winter hat, you'll be the hit of the ski lodge, as you sip your cocoa and snack on honey-cured Wampa.


Sure, your kids looked pretty adorable out there on the slopes in their R2-D2 snowboarding helmets. We hate to break it to you, though: the droid look wasn't quite cutting it during the apres-ski cocoa-quaffing session. (Definitely weren't the droids we were looking for. Nope.)

We're thinking some cozier headgear would've been a bit more apropos. A helmet, after all, looks a tad out of place indoors. Unless, of course, it's--gasp--a custom crocheted Boba Fett helmet!


Yes, "Star Wars" geeks and geekettes, thanks to BeeBeeKins at Etsy, now just such an item can be had. A no-doubt toasty-warm Boba Fett helmet-hat that will keep your kiddies' ears snug while saving you the crushing embarrassment of ill-headgeared apres-ski offspring. (We mean, really--what would Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru have said? [If the stormtroopers hadn't gotten to them first, of course.])

Perhaps best of all, seeing as these hats are made to order and can accommodate many sizes of head, you can even get one for yourself! They're $55 apiece--and they're back-ordered five to eight weeks (so you'd better act fast if you wanna get one before the snow melts away).

Of course, if that's too long a wait, you can opt for the Ewok Wicket Hat, which at this writing doesn't seem to be back-ordered at all (not yet anyway). The Ewok number comes with a detachable scarf, too, and costs 15 bucks less than the Boba Fett.

So: menacing bounty hunter, or cuddly Endor dweller? Either way, you and yours are sure to be the hit of the Hoth ski lodge, as you sip your cocoa and snack on roasted chestnuts and honey-cured Wampa.

(Via Gizmodo)