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Apple's tearjerker holiday ad: Self-absorbed teens care after all

A new ad launched just in time for the holiday season shows a family getting together and a teen seemingly absorbed by his iPhone 5S. Until...

Apple holiday ad with snowman
Is he ignoring everyone? Or did he forget to buy Christmas gifts?
Apple video/Screenshot by CNET

You're familiar with the iPhone.

It's the one that everyone carries around in order to take pictures of everything they see. All the time. Without cessation.

Earlier this year, Apple boasted about this. Now the company would like you to know that, during the holiday season, teens who seem absorbed in iPhone world might not be as self-absorbed as they seem.

A new ad for the holidays shows the Harris family getting together. You know the Harrises. They live somewhere cold and the wife had that fling with the famous fiction writer.

Well, here they are getting together for Christmas. And everyone's happy. Except their teenager, who seems entirely engrossed in his iPhone 5S. He never lets go of the thing. It's like Captain Hook's hook.

Everywhere he goes, it's there in the palm of his hand. One assumes he's texting lovers or looking for naked pictures of his teachers on various illicit sites.

It seems impossible for him to offer attention to anything else.

Then, when all the family's gathered together, his human side emerges like the sun after a bitterly cold night.

He directs everyone's attention to the TV.

In fact, he's been making the perfect, tearjerking video of the Harris Family Holidays on his iPhone 5s. Here it is, Airplayed. (The whole ad was actually shot on a 5S. Full version below.)

If, at this point, your eyes don't well up with some type of liquid then you should be the next CEO of Microsoft.

The moments are touching. The observations are telling. When the film is run, there's even the semblance of tear in the teen's own eyes. Yes, adolescents have feelings too.

I can only hope that your holidays will be as moving as the ones presented here.