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Apple's secret code names for iOS revealed

While Google has Ice Cream Sandwich, Apple appears to stick to dull sets of letters to name its operating systems. However, a developer reveals that internally, each iteration has a cool (ish) name. Like, um, Durango.

Sometimes, it seems that Google is just much more imaginative than Apple.

Well, when it comes to naming operating systems, that is. Google offers the sweet inducements of Ice Cream Sandwiches and Honeycombs.

Apple, on the other hand, seems to cling to a certain BMW-ness-- just a few letters and numbers and there you have it.

I am about to turn that world view upon its nostrils. For, thanks to the Cult Of Mac, I have received wind that Apple keeps its cute little code names clutched to its secretive bosom.

The view from Hoodoo Ski Bowl Summit. CC Casbr/Flickr

It seems that a developer called Steve Troughton-Smith decided to risk his reputation and fortune by revealing these names on Twitter.

I must stress that these alleged names are for internal Apple use only and if you suddenly use one in a San Francisco bar, some police officers and Apple security gentlemen might descend upon your door and demand you hand over your vocal chords.

The names themselves seem to reflect a desperate need on the part of their inventors to get fresh and ski. We have Alpine (iOs 1.0), Little Bear (1.1), Big Bear (1.2) and Sugarbowl (2.0). These were followed by Sugarbowl, Timberline, Kirkwood, and Northstar.

Then we have Apex (4.0), which is the name of a mountain resort. Baker (4.1) is also a skiing resort, as is Jasper (4.3).

iOS 4.4 was, apparently Durango. Which may well be a skiing resort, but is also the name of a desperately interesting Dodge. Did it not cross the minds of those creating these names? For something at Apple to be associated with Dodge, it is surely like the thought of Steve Jobs driving a Prius.

The skiing theme didn't go away. 5.0 was Telluride.

But 5.1? Now, that was Hoodoo. Was this an attempt to break with the skiing tradition? Was this someone's idea of, well, breaking the hoodoo? Alas not. Hoodoo is a skiing resort in Oregon.

Never let is be said that Apple changes piste lightly.