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Apple's new iPhone 7 ad sets the perfect mood for our times

Commentary: It's a tale of one night shot by iPhone 7 users and it offers a welcome glimpse into an alternate reality.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Looking back on the Super Bowl -- surely you remember it -- I can't help thinking too many brands didn't necessarily get it right by going all political.

The American people have surely had enough of politics recently to make them prefer a root canal, given the choice.

It's uplifting, then, to see Apple come along with an ad that reminds the viewer that people just want to live peacefully and have a good time. However their version of a good time rolls.

Cupertino's latest iPhone 7 ad presents one night in the life of Planet Earth, as seen through the phones of users in 15 countries on six continents.

Yes, there are a fair few selfies in there, but the whole thing shows a world that feels remarkably beautiful and free of rancor.

What makes this ad at least a little out of the ordinary, though, is the music. In smaller, uglier hands, these images might have been accompanied by a cheery alternative ditty meant to make you feel so very, very happy.

Instead, here we have mellow jazz to remind us that the mood we really seek most at night is one where we can stop thinking about what the world's powers have wrought or might think of wringing and let our minds wander aimlessly.

The world is a whimsical absurdity, often insensitive and even more often senseless.

If at the end of each day, we find a little beauty, poetry and peace, we can rest in preparation for what the next day will bring.

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