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Apple's new iPhone 5S and 5C ads are colorful (and not)

CEO Tim Cook showed the iPhone 5C launch ad during Tuesday's event. Now it and two iPhone 5S ads appear. Will they move?

Be happy.
Apple/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's the day after the day before when not much happened.

Now the marketing begins.

So ads for both the iPhone 5C and 5S have appeared on YouTube.

The 5C ad was shown Tuesday by Apple CEO Tim Cook. I don't recall whether he called it "incredible," "amazing," or merely "cool," but I can tell you it's an extremely happy and colorful expression of phones that are supposed to be extremely happy and colorful.

All around the world, character is in short supply. So here we have truly colorful characters who communicate through hues and cries.

It's beautifully and unapologetically engaging in a travelogue kind of way.

As for the 5S, no TV ads seem ready. Perhaps Apple and its advertising people are still arguing over typefaces or color correction on the gold version.

However, I am grateful to Cult Of Mac for noticing that the company has released two longer pieces of promotional material that feature the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the iSight camera.

These were not shown at Tuesday's event. They are far more prosaic.

Both feature the dulcet tones of Apple's Jony Ive, whose narrative skills are so reassuring that they resemble those of your favorite cardiac surgeon.

For the fingerprint sensor, he says: "It's not just technology for technology's sake. It's technology for the NSA's sake."

Oh, I might have made up the second part of that quote. Still, I confess to feeling slightly peculiar about leaving my fingerprints all over the Web.

Oddly, this system allegedly becomes better at reading your prints, the more often you use the system. Well, I never.

There's something about a promotional video that uses the phrase "sub-epidermal layers of your skin" that I find a touch troubling.

The iSight video is a splendidly nerdy exposition of the new camera's capabilities.

It's full of numbers.

Which is what Apple hopes the launch of these two phones will be too.