Apple's map flop stirs new mobile battle

Apple launches a glitchy, incomplete maps app for iOS 6 while Google improves its Maps for Android.

Thursday's CNET Update feels a little lost:

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Apple's got a bit of a mess on its hands. A map mess. In the upgrade to iOS 6, Apple has replaced maps powered by Google with its own new creation. But depending on where you roam, map results can be inaccurate or hard to decipher. Examples of glitchy moments, inaccuracies and lack of data have been posted on the Tumblr blog "The Amazing iOS 6 Maps." If you upgraded to iOS 6, you can access Google Maps via the browser. You can also bookmark as a shortcut icon on your home screen.

Google meanwhile pushed an update to its maps for Android users. Users can download maps for offline use and synchronize saved maps across devices. There's no official word if Google will have a map app available for Apple users to download. Count on this Apple mapping flop to stir up a battle over map apps in the smartphone wars.

Google's also having some fun with Cirque du Soleil with a new web experience called Movi.Kanti.Revo. Users can move their body and speak to the computer to interact with the digital world. It shows you don't need something like the Microsoft Kinect to have a website react to your movements. Just a regular webcam will do the trick. This could open up the possibility for some new types of online games.

In a previous update we talked about the new Fitbit Zip, a personal fitness tracking gadget. These devices are a growing trend and I got lots of feedback from viewers who are passionate about their workout tech. Today's show plays some of the replies you sent on Tout.

If you're participating in Friday's iPhone launch mania, email or tweet me your photos of the early morning lines. You can also send in a 15 second video using Tout. I'd love to include your experiences on our next show. And if you're in line at the Apple's 5th Avenue store in NYC, I'll see you there.


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