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Apple's Liam tries to save the Earth by destroying Siri

Technically Incorrect: An ad to celebrate Earth Day shows Apple's robot phone-stripper mute Siri for good.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

She's not thinking clearly. Her days are done.

Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Siri can occasionally be a touch uppity.

It's hard to be entirely modest when you know so much. Ask anyone at Google.

To celebrate Earth Day, however, Siri suddenly finds herself pleading for mercy.

In a new Apple ad, we find her in the clutches of Liam. You might remember this Irishman who's even more efficient than Apple's Irish headquarters.

Liam is a robot that rips iPhones apart in order to salvage whatever bits might be reused. It seems that Siri isn't one of them.

She asks him first what he's doing for Earth Day, which is today (Friday). Liam grunts, as robots tend to when they're busy.

In this case, Liam is busy ripping up the iPhone in which Siri lives.

She's a little slow on the uptake. You'd think she'd realize where she is and that things aren't going to end well.

Instead, it's only as he's beginning to tear the phone up that she realizes her days of all-knowingness are done.

"Wouldn't you rather grab an organic smoothie?" she pleads.

Look at Liam, does he look like the kind of production line worker who's into organic smoothies? He does not.

And so it is that Siri perishes, perhaps only to be recycled one day as the voice of a rental car GPS.