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Apple's Leopard to roar on October 26

The Mac is going into its next phase on October 26, opening up more opportunities for open-source applications.

ThinkSecret is reporting that Apple's next operating system release - Leopard - will start stalking unwary Windows users on October 26. This is an open source blog, so why should you care?

Because Mac OS X, rather than Windows, is arguably the best platform for open source. This was Microsoft's game to lose, and it has shown itself unwilling or incapable of playing it, such that OS X developers continue to add great open-source desktop applications to the Mac family. Adium, Handbrake, NeoOffice, Firefox, etc. These are applications that I can no longer live without: all open source, and all running happily on my Mac, which has never had a virus, never had a blue screen of death (though I do occasionally get spinning beach balls :-), etc.

The Mac is increasingly the open-source platform of choice for developers. Now we just need to further open the platform itself. But that's another blog entry.