Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone slap

Sure, the iPod Touch (with Wi-Fi), revamped Nano and ringtones for the iPhone are cool. But the iPhone price cut sure ruffled feathers.

CNET News staff
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Apple announced a completely revised lineup of iPods, a new version of iTunes and a Wi-Fi Music Store--along with a huge drop in the price of the iPhone--at its event held in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Apple signs iPhone patent deal with Interdigital

The seven-year agreement covers the current iPhone and looks like it cost Apple about $20 million, plus ongoing royalties.
September 7, 2007

Apple to offer $100 store credit to iPhone customers

The credit is a quick response to early adopters frustrated by dramatic iPhone price cuts announced just a day earlier.
September 6, 2007

iPhone component price dropped $54

Still, it's tough to square the retail price whack with anything that happened in the component world.
September 6, 2007

Apple's iPhone price cuts leave mixed feelings

news analysis Some iPhone fans are delighted that it now costs $200 less, but others wonder if Apple needed to stimulate demand for the closely-watched device.
September 5, 2007

iPod gets touchy, with price cut

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces several new iPods, Wi-Fi connectivity and a dramatic price drop on the iPhone.
Photos: Meet the iPod Touch
September 5, 2007

CNET TV: iPod videos

Check here for a wide range of CNET videos on the new Apple offerings, including the iPod Touch, the video iPod Nano and ringtones for the iPhone.
September 5, 2007

New iPod just a touch short of my nirvana

CNET News.com's Ina Fried says that for folks who wanted an iPhone without having to switch their cell phone, the iPod Touch is darn near perfect. It is missing a few things that are found on the iPhone, however.
September 5, 2007

Will Apple open the iPod Touch to developers?

The company may have lost its main reason for locking down the platform and keeping independent developers out.
September 5, 2007

I paid $600 for my iPhone. Am I a sucker?

Is someone who paid $600 for an iPhone now being sold for $400 a sucker? Not really. But there's a very good reason for Apple to offer rebates or store credit, says CNET News.com's Declan McCullagh.
September 5, 2007

Jobs introduces the iPod Touch

video At the Apple event in San Francisco, CEO Steve Jobs introduces an iPod with almost all the same features of an iPhone, but without the phone.
September 5, 2007

Wi-Fi tunes coming to an iPod, iPhone near you

video During his presentation in San Francisco on Wednesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs discusses the new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, as well as the YouTube application that will be a feature on the new iPod Touch.
September 5, 2007

Price cuts to attract iPod shoppers?

video Jobs introduces an overhaul of the iPod lineup (and pricing) for the holiday shopping season.
September 5, 2007

Apple iPod Touch or something else entirely?

CNET staffers offer up ideas on what $400 can get you at the Apple store, or any store. How would you spend the money?
September 5, 2007

Does iPod Touch equal an open wallet?

Apple's new mobile music store is quite a convenience, but will thieves be even more attracted to Cupertino's latest creation?
September 5, 2007

Another Apple and AT&T debacle in the works?

cnet blog network While some coffee fanatics believe the Apple-Starbucks deal is the greatest announcement since the iPod itself, I'm left wondering if there are some implications for AT&T.
September 5, 2007

Live from Moscone Center with Apple

Live updates as Apple shows off new products at its event Wednesday in San Francisco.
September 5, 2007

Instant reactions to Apple announcements

cnet blog network The iPod Touch and integrated Wi-Fi music store will make all other music players look obsolete, and the Starbucks partnership is a bigger deal than you think.
September 5, 2007

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The iPod is growing up

If the rumors are true, and Apple releases an iPod with Mac OS, it will have developed an interesting little computer--not just a video player.
September 4, 2007

Will 'the beat go on' with a new iPod?

news analysis Apple is expected to introduce new iPods next week--that would make three Septembers in a row--as it tries to corner the video-player market.
August 30, 2007

Gartner: Expect an enterprise iPhone

Analyst firm suggests that Apple might add enterprise devices or applications to make phone more adaptable, secure.
September 4, 2007

As new iPods loom, Zune gets price cut

Microsoft says $50 price drop is "part of the normal product life cycle." But it coincides with a widely expected launch of new iPods.
September 5, 2007