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Apple's Instagram is for Tim Cook beauty shots, says Conan

Commentary: As Apple appears on Instagram, Conan O'Brien insists CEO Tim Cook wants bodybuilding shots to be his legacy.

 Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Rather fetching, no?

Conan screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Apple is legendary for letting others go first and then showing them how to do it properly later.

So when the company finally appeared on Instagram on Monday, you felt sure that it would bring something new to the medium. 

Indeed, comedian Conan O'Brien offered an exclusive look into what Apple is really planning. The whole thing is an excuse for pictures of Tim Cook's head superimposed on the bodies of bodybuilders. 

Cook insists that the whole feed be his head Photoshopped on top on well-fed bodies, according to several "Apple employees" in the parody video.

"And not good Photoshop. Really bad Photoshop," says Apple's director of dreamineering Rick Lessard in this video. 

Cook has wandered into photographic controversy before. He tweeted a frighteningly blurry picture from the Super Bowl two years ago.

These bodybuilding shots are, though, at the extreme of photographic creativity. The Apple employees in the parody video explain that Cook thinks these pictures will be his legacy. 

"Steve Jobs had the iPhone. Let me have this," were Cook's words, says vp of marketing Graham Davies.

The video ends with deep pathos, as the employees admit that they're suffering a vast angst, one that can never be removed.

Apple has changed. It doesn't have the inspiration it used to. It hurts.

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