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Apple's iMac blossoms

In his Macworld keynote, Steve Jobs reveals that the iMac's new flavors are strawberry, lime, blueberry, tangerine, and grape.

SAN FRANCISCO--Strawberry, blueberry, tangerine, grape, and lime--these are the five new flavors of the iMac.

Taking center stage at the Macworld Expo here, Apple interim CEO Steve Jobs announced

iMacs in five new colors
New iMacs come in five colors.
five new colors for the popular, modular iMac based on these five fruits, as well as new versions of the G3 Power Macintosh in a translucent "ice blue" case.

"We think one of the most important questions now is 'What is your favorite color?'" Jobs told thousands of attendees during his Macworld keynote. "This is far more important than the mumbo-jumbo associated with buying a computer.

"People don't care about that stuff," he said. "What they care about is, 'I want to express myself.'"

Available today, the new iMacs come with a 266-MHz PowerPC processor, a 15-inch built-in monitor, 32MB of memory, and a 6GB hard drive. Suggested retail price is $1,199. Older iMacs will be discounted to $1,049.

The announcement--along with Jobs's preliminary statement that Apple will next week report a fifth consecutive profitable quarter--was apparently well met: Apple's stock rose $2.03, or 5 percent, to $43.31 by the time the market closed today.

While the iMac's new colors were the biggest surprise in the speech, it was not the only bit of news. Apple is also releasing new versions of its G3 Power Mac desktop computers containing processors running at 300 MHz, 350 MHz and 400 MHz. Retail price, depending on the configuration, will range from $1,599 to $2,999. G3 servers, meanwhile, will sell for $3,299 and $4,999.

Like the first iMacs, the new G3s come in a translucent blue case. A large "G3" logo decorates one side of the new machines. A video presentation extolled the new look while Burt Bacharach's "The Look of Love" played in the background.