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Apple's aggressive new iPad ad

Using a strangely aggressive tone, the new iPad TV spot reflects the structure, but not the art, of its Newton launch 20 years ago.

Somehow, Apple products often seem to be presented with a soft, friendly, laid-back voice. The voice of someone who is unflustered and may well be happily wearing the same underwear for the third day in a row. You know, someone like Justin Long.

How interesting, then, that the new iPad TV spot seems to be voiced by a man who sounds like he just smoked 20 filterless and topped them off with a bourbon or 10.

While those with long memories at MacRumors have pointed out that this ad entitled "What is iPad?" may be a homage to a spot called "What is Newton?" (shown after the jump), what is, perhaps, most noticeable is that the new iPad ad has none of the art of the Newton spot.

This, like the launch advertising, continues with a very basic product demonstration and nothing more. The iPad is seen on all sorts of thighs doing all sorts of things. There are no allegories, no allusions. Naturally, this reflects the idea that Apple wants the device to be seen as a product that even the most unsophisticated can master.

However, there's something about the slightly harrumphing assumptiveness of the spot that suggests the people behind it are feeling just a touch aggressive about their new toy.

Apple's ads are merely background for the real ad--the beautiful design of the product itself. However, some might find this spot less subtle and more boastful, making it feel a little less Apple.

There will also be those--following President Obama's suggestion in a commencement speech at Hampton University that he doesn't actually know how to use an iPad--who will be amused at this one line from "What is iPad?": "You already know how to use it." Well, that told you, didn't it?