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Apple: You can gab on that iPhone for eight hours

New specs released from Apple say that the much-anticipated handset's battery life is significantly better than expected.


According to Apple, you can ditch your fears over the rumor that the iPhone has 45 minutes of talk time. The company announced Monday that the much-anticipated handset will ship with much better battery life than was expected when it was first announced in January. The iPhone will finally be released, as you probably already know, on Friday June 29.

The numbers from Apple? The company had initially anticipated that the iPhone battery would allow five hours of talk time (though rumors around the blogosphere suggested it was actually much less than that), but now Apple is boasting that it'll last a full eight hours with a whopping 250 hours of standby time. Apple is also saying that you'll alternately be able to enjoy six hours of Internet use, seven hours of video playback, or 24 hours of audio playback. That's twice as long as the ultra-efficient iPod Shuffle.

A comparison chart from Apple pitting the iPhone against its rivals. Apple

Additionally, the touch-screen of the iPhone has been upgraded from plastic to optical glass to make it clearer and more scratch-proof. So, with that and the extended battery life, maybe you can take your iPhone on wilderness excursions.

Update, 10:12 a.m. PDT: Whoops! There was an error in Apple's original competitive-data chart (above, corrected). The original chart said the Nokia N95 did not have Wi-Fi capabilities. It, in fact, does.