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Apple wants to remind you to breathe (Gulp, what next?)

Technically Incorrect: Of course you need an Apple Watch app to tell you to breathe. Otherwise, you'd forget. And this wasn't the only fascinatingly intimate glory presented at WWDC.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Take a deep breath now.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Did it take your breath away?

All those bits of software and apps and, well, more apps.

Wasn't Apple's WWDC 2016 a little like walking into Burberry's and all they have in the store are accessories. (Darling, that's where the profits are.)

But this is the way of the world. Hardware moves forward slowly. Software can be more nimble.

Which is why I was moved to extreme light-headedness by Apple's new Breathe app for the Apple Watch.

Should you have been trying to prevent the hiccups all day, you might not know that as part of its presentation Apple showed an app that tells you when you should breathe.

It's not quite as George Orwell Takes Up Yoga as it sounds. Not quite.

The idea is that you need to have your stress levels reduced. This is so very true in my case. I'm extremely stressed by all the notifications my gadgets keep sending me.

Apple's solution? A notification telling you to breathe.

You, of course, must be an accomplice to this. You have to tell your Breathe app how long you want to breathe for.

Then, when the watch senses you need to take a breath, it vibrates.

Though one does understand how taking a breath is a very good thing, some might think this app is but a toddler's pace away from electro-shock therapy.

You're slouching at your desk! Bzzzzzz. Sit Up!

The Breathe app is also, of course, just the beginning.

I've spent a little time crawling through the detailed delights of iOS 10. And what do I find? Something called the Bedtime Alarm In The Clock app.

Please guess what it does.

Yes, it "lets you set a regular sleep schedule and receive bedtime reminders."

Because you, you hapless, hopeless stressed soul have no idea when to go to bed.

I need to lie down.