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Apple gets Beyoncé to make its Watch exciting

Commentary: A new Apple ad tries to bring life and color to its smartwatch -- all accompanied by Bey's music. Now are you excited?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


You're at the Northern Lights. So you look at your Watch?

Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I've seen plenty of Apple Watches around.

I've even talked to people who claim they love them.

Somehow, though, it's never seemed that exciting to me.

For a time, Apple pushed the Watch's supposed fashion credentials. In a new ad, however, it's all about hiking, riding bikes, swimming and listening to Beyoncé.

Oh, in Apple's words, you're now supposed to get the Series 2 Watch and "Live Bright."

To encourage you, here are lots of bright colors and people living by exerting themselves, as Bey's "Freedom" underscores how free these people feel.

Apple's pushing the built-in GPS and its water, um, resistance up to 50 meters. And, wait, is that Michael Phelps I see somewhere in there? (It isn't.)

This will, of course, uplift those who measure themselves according to their activity data and pride themselves on their cardiovascular capabilities.

One scene, though, is utterly disturbing.

A male hiker appears to be witnessing the Northern Lights. So he does what any normal young human would do. He stares at it for a second or two, then he bends over his Watch and sends a very silly emoji to someone for whom he must have great respect.

If this is living bright, some might choose to remain spectacularly dimwitted.

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