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Apple wants you to have a saccharine, Stevie Wonderful Christmas

Technically Incorrect: The iconic singer and Andra Day front Apple's festive ad. With the help of a MacBook Pro, of course.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Stevie Wonder, singing you a Merry Christmas.

Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Apple is what martini-fueled advertising people call a "love brand."

It's all about the irrationality of commitment and the mesmerizing qualities of beauty. Or, as critics might have it, the senseless and excessive expenditure on technologically inferior products.

For the holiday season, Apple has released an ad which has love as its theme and slightly saccharine sentimentality as its main ingredient.

Here we have Stevie Wonder with his MacBook Pro running Apple's very clever VoiceOver, which tells you what's on your screen without you ever having to look at it.

He's decided to reprise his hit from the 1960s: "Someday at Christmas."

Joining him in delivering it is R&B singer Andra Day (and her Apple Watch), plus the requisite happy children and cheery friends that you sometimes see at Christmas, but often see in Christmas ads. Oh, and a dog.

The singing ends in the simple message: "Love."

This is all very nice. Somehow, though, it doesn't quite have the poignancy of Apple's 2013 Christmas ad, which featured an apparently self-absorbed teen showing that he isn't quite as self-absorbed as his family thought. (That ad won an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial last year.)

Indeed, this Stevie Wonderful ad feels little more than a music video, something Apple has devolved to recently in some of its ads.

Still, anything that creates warm sentiments during this Winter Wonderland is welcome, as the world lurches toward the end of another troubled year.