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Apple update supports new Canon, Nikon raw files

Macs now can comprehend the proprietary raw files from Nikon's D3000, D300S, D3S, and from Canon's ID Mark IV, 7D, and PowerShot G11.

Raw photo files from Canon's new 1D Mark IV now can be seen in Mac OS X.
Raw photo files from Canon's new 1D Mark IV now can be seen in Mac OS X.
Canon USA

Apple released one of its routine Mac OS X updates on Wednesday to let its computers handle raw images from a handful of new Nikon and Canon SLRs as well as from Canon's newer high-end PowerShot G11 compact camera.

The update lets Mac OS X 10.6 as well as Apple's iPhoto and Aperture software handle the raw image files taken directly from the camera's sensors without in-camera processing. Raw photo formats offer more quality and flexibility at the cost of convenience and file size.

The update supports Canon's new professional EOS-1D Mark IV and high-end EOS 7D SLRs. Among Nikons, the support ranges from the entry-level D3000, the higher-end D300S, and the professional D3S.

Windows relies on camera makers to supply software to decode the raw images. Adobe Systems and Apple write their own modules to decode the proprietary raw formats.

Updated 7:31 a.m. PST December 18 to clarify that the update expanded existing raw support.