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Apple TV SDK coming out next month?

The latest analyst guesswork puts a potential iTV announcement just around the corner in March.

Are devs about to get first crack at this baby?

Apple TV rumors have about as much currency in the real world today as a Circuit City gift card, but a new round of rumblings this morning are strangely specific.

The word from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek and his "channel checks" is that Apple is planning an event for next month at which it could introduce an SDK for an iTV set in the 42-inch to 55-inch range. He thinks the Apple HDTV itself could launch in September or October at a price point starting around $1,500.

"Apple is likely to largely rely on leveraging content via partnerships with existing pay-TV operators," reads the note to investors.

Jefferies and other analysts have been speculating on the arrival of an Apple TV for years now, but the notion of a specific event that's just weeks away is an interesting new wrinkle that gave me enough pause to take the time to write this one up.

On the other hand, if we parse this rumor a bit further, "channel checks" is shorthand for "second- or third-hand sources" that are now being filtered through Misek and myself. That means you're hearing this rumor fourth or fifth-hand. As for Misek's track record, it's about as good as that of Gene Munster or anyone else who has tried to prognosticate about Apple's moves -- that is to say, not very good.

Nonetheless, I'll be on the lookout for an Apple announcement in March, and the ensuing round of speculation over whether it involves either an new iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iTV, iEyeglasses, or iUnicorn.

My money's on the unicorn.