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Apple TV and the quest for cable

Apple shows interest in creating a cable box, Sony won't back out of the e-reader battle, and Google helps you translate text with a snap of a photo.

Thursday's tech headlines know how to speak your language:

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Imaginations are running wild about an Apple TV cable box. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is talking to cable providers, but no deals have been made. Earlier this week Apple was granted a patent for its design of a cable box. But Apple is not alone in its hunt for cable deals. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has slowly been adding video from cable providers in its quest to be the one box to rule all home entertainment.

The Sony Reader is back with a new model, selling for $129.

The Google+ app on Android and iOS has been updated to let mobile users join Hangouts on Air, and teenagers can use the video chat service. (Hangouts on mobile were previously restricted to adult users.)

The blog Android Central has photos of Google Play gift cards. Similar to an iTunes card, it could be used for buying movies, music, books and apps.

And today's app may come in handy on your next vacation. The free Google Translate app has been updated for Android to offer photo translations. For 11 languages, the app has the option to snap a picture of the text you want to translate. It's finicky, so you'll need patience. Also, would be great to see Google add photo help for Hindi script and Eastern Asian characters.

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