Apple tempts buyers with iPod promo

In a new promotion, people can save $100 by buying a new Mac and an iPod MP3 player at the same time. But the offer is good for a limited time only.

Apple Computer has launched a new promotion in which computer buyers can save $100 on an iPod MP3 player when it's purchased along with a new Mac.

Separately, Apple has started selling refurbished models of the 5GB iPod for $339 through its online store.

The deals mark the first price break on the iPod since the original 5GB device debuted last fall. In March, the company introduced a 10GB version for $499 but did not cut the price of the 5GB version.

The $100 savings is good with the purchase of either iPod along with any iMac, iBook, Power Mac or PowerBook. The deal is good on purchases made between April 23 and June 30.

Apple sold 125,000 iPods in the quarter ended Dec. 29; the unit first became available Nov. 10. In the latest quarter, ended March 30, the company shipped 57,000 units, although Apple executives pointed out that the overall MP3 player market saw a more substantial drop from the typically strong December quarter.