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Apple temporarily closes iTunes Match sign-ups

The company has closed off new sign-ups of iTunes Match to developers, saying it will open it up to others in the coming days. The feature went live just yesterday to developers to test.


Less than a day after opening up its iTunes Match service for developers to test, Apple has hit the brakes, keeping new developers from signing up to use the service.

In the new beta version of iTunes that contains the feature, Apple has replaced the sign-up tools with a note saying "iTunes Match beta testing has begun with an initial set of developers," and that "over the next days, we will continue to expand our testing. Please check back later to subscribe."

iTunes Match is the service that scans a user's library to find music that they may have ripped from a CD, but did not purchase from Apple, and cross-references it with Apple's own library. If it finds a match, it provides a user with a license of the track at the same quality they'd find if they bought it off iTunes, as long as they're a paid subscriber to the matching service.

Apple opened up the new matching service for developers to kick the tires on yesterday afternoon alongside a new beta version of its iTunes software. In a surprise move, Apple also included the option to begin playing tracks immediately after downloads begin, whereas the technology had previously been pitched without mention of such a feature.

Apple has said it will be bringing iTunes Match to customers alongside the rollout of iCloud and iOS 5 in the fall.

(via CultofMac)

Updated at 11:10 a.m. PT with a clarification on how music is played back.