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Apple store forced to change its name

A corner store in the U.K. that sells cider has been around for more than 20 years. But it's tired of all the calls asking for iPads to be fixed. That's what happens when you're called the Apple Shop.

The store as it appears on the local tourism Web site. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Extraordinarily, Geoff Fisher has never been sued by Apple.

He's used its name for 20 years on the front of his little store. Yet somehow no one has come to his door pretending to be a local policeman -- or even actually being one -- and demanding to search his premises.

This is odd, given that his store is called the Apple Shop. Still, it doesn't sell products made by Apple, but products made from apples -- specifically, cider.

Everything seemed fine for many years. People would come into the store in Wroxham Barns, England, and they would leave with the products of a cider genius instead of a cybergenius.

However, as the BBC reports, in 2009 Cupertino unhelpfully opened an Apple store in the nearby larger town of Norwich.

Fisher began to be inundated with phone calls from people needing their iGadgets fixed.

"I've had complaints about broken iPods and dropped iPads and Apple Macs. It can be very funny, but some people are very rude and they slam the phone down," he told the BBC.

Sometimes, however, the callers are utterly charming, in the way that the British do so well.

"My most amusing caller was an elderly gentleman who rang up and the first thing he said was, 'I've been very silly,'" Fisher told the BBC.

How silly could this gentleman have been? Well, quite silly.

"I said, what's the problem? He said, 'I'm 87, and I've gone and bought an Apple Mac and I don't know how to use it'" Fisher said.

The calls, though, have come to rattle his core. So he has finally succumbed -- with no pressure from Apple, he says -- to changing the name of his hallowed store.

It will now be called the Norfolk Cider Shop. (Norfolk is the county in which the former Apple Shop finds itself.)

Fisher will, hopefully, now return to a slightly more peaceful life in which he won't have to explain when the iPhone 5S will be coming out and how to fix a carelessly dropped iPad.

Perhaps, though, he might consider opening a branch of his cider shop in Cupertino. They're working so hard over there right now -- surely they could use a drink or two.

It's a little rural out there. It seems the Google Street View cars haven't even got there yet.