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Apple splits retail help desk services

Apple's ProCare program, which offers services at Apple retail stores, is being split up into two different services that cost as much as the combined service did before Wednesday.

Apple's retail stores now offer two services for the price of, uh, two.

Prior to Wednesday, those who had signed up for Apple's ProCare service were eligible to get quick service at retail stores and have an Apple Genius tune up their Macs every so often, as well as sign up for one-on-one training classes, for $99. But starting Wednesday, those services will be offered separately, both at $99 a year. Kudos to AppleInsider for its report earlier this week that the move was about to happen.

On the Apple Store portion of its Web site, the company said "we've expanded personal training, one of the most popular ProCare services, into its own program called One to One." One to One offers classes in things like digital photography and "Mac 101" at certain Apple stores. But One to One now costs $99 a year, in addtion to Pro Care's $99 yearly fee.

Those who were in the ProCare club prior to Wednesday are still eligible for One to One services as part of their membership, Apple said.