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'Apple Mirror' reflects a working iPhone-style touchscreen

A supersize iPhone-like device disguises itself as a regular wall mirror when it's not busy calling an Uber, playing video or sending messages.

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If your iPhone Plus just isn't big enough, you might covet Rafael Dymek's Apple Mirror, a functioning mirror and touchscreen loaded with an iOS 10-style interface and working apps.

The concept of a smart mirror isn't new -- you can even find instructions for building your own Raspberry Pi-powered Magic Mirror. But Dymek's take on the genre is particularly stylish.

It took Dymek, a web developer and graphic designer, a couple of weeks to develop the Apple Mirror. At first blush, it looks like a regular mirror with a black bezel. It hangs on the wall quietly reflecting its surroundings. Touch it and it wakes up to reveal a collection of apps, including Uber, Netflix and smart-home controls.

The icons can be rearranged with the sweep of a finger. In a demonstration video, Dymek shows how he can send messages, play music, read news and watch videos right on the mirror.

Dymek isn't revealing all the tech secrets behind his mirror, but he does say "it's running independently on my custom-designed software and hardware and is meant to look and feel like iOS 10 from Apple."

He says the reflective surface functions like a two-way mirror: "pixels are transmitted through and everything else appears as a mirror."

This is not an official Apple product, but the sleek design and slick functionality feel like it fits right in with the company's aesthetic sense.