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Apple slams PCs in new iPad Pro ad campaign

Commentary: Can you believe that Cupertino is bashing PCs again? It is, on behalf of its high-end tablet.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Oh, but it is. Allegedly.

Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It used to be that Apple would look at PCs and smirk.

Then along came the iPad Pro, which Cupertino suddenly insisted was actually a computer.

On Friday, Apple decided to snort and sniff and scoff at PCs all over again. Or, at least, to suggest that its top tablet tops them all.

In a series of short ads, the company examines various aspects of the iPad Pro's glory.

Each ad begins with a tweet from a troubled computer-user.

One attempts to confront the idea that the iPad Pro isn't even close to being a computer. This is something that Microsoft contended in its own ads.

Here, Apple claims iPad Pro is "faster than most laptops, has LTE like your phone and has a touchscreen you can write on."

Ergo, Apple concludes, it's better than a computer.

Another ad boasts specifically about the LTE facility, which means that "you can get internet pretty much anywhere."

The next ad has a word you never thought you'd hear in an Apple ad: "Microsoft." It shows how you can download Microsoft Word on an iPad Pro and then "do more with Word."

Yes, it even works with that indispensable Apple Pencil. The one that Apple promised it would never even contemplate making. "Over my head body," as Steve Jobs once put it.

Finally, a perennial issue. This last ad intimates that PCs are full of viruses. What's delightful about the iPad Pro, says Apple, is that it doesn't get PC viruses at all. Ever.

Some might wonder why Apple continues to peddle iPad Pro rather than, say, its own MacBook Pro computer.

Perhaps it's because the latter didn't emerge with entirely glowing reviews, especially from professionals. This despite Apple releasing an ad placing it in the forefront of the world's greatest ideas.

It could also be that Apple sees the iPad Pro as the future of computing. Because it's, um, better than a computer apparently.

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