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Apple shows you how to be obsessed with your lover

Commentary: In a new iPhone 7 Plus ad, Cupertino shows how Portrait mode can make you believe your lover is the only other person in the world.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

He's actually taking a picture of someone else.

Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Should you have ever been in love, you'll know that it can lead you astray.

It can lead you to believe your lover is the only person that matters.

It can even lead you to believe that your lover is, in fact, the only other person in the world.

Apple wants to support you in that belief. In a new ad for the iPhone 7 Plus, Cupertino offers two young lovers who only see each other.

Some might see this as progress, as many young people only see themselves.

Still, Apple wants lovers to buy an iPhone 7 Plus because it has Portrait mode.

This allows you to focus your picture on your lover and blur out extraneous nonsense, such as the Empire State Building or a unicorn flying by.

Here, our lovers are on busy streets, but their photos suggest they could be anywhere. Because their photos feature only the entirely contented figure of their (current) one and only.

"Focus on what you love," concludes Apple. Which is an excellent idea, unless the person you're focusing on works in another department of your fine shopping app startup and is beginning to feel uncomfortable.

Apple has decided that the best way to push a phone that few might want to buy -- given that the perhaps-named iPhone 8 will likely be launched later this year -- is to create warm feelings around it.

The first ad peddling this feature saw an utterly charming big, fat, Greek picture taking session.

But with the Samsung Galaxy S8 trying to tug our lovers in another direction, it must be hard for a phone-shopper to decide what to do.

With love, you sometimes have to be patient and see how deep the feelings truly are.

What if you buy an iPhone 7 Plus and then the iPhone 8 has a curved screen, folds in half and can take pictures of your lover without you having to hold it at all?

That could make you fall out of love with your phone very quickly.

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