Apple seeing iOS 4 update issues with iPhone 3GS users despite report

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that Apple hasn't heard of any issues regarding iOS 4 on the iPhone 3GS. This may shock users complaining of random reboots after installing the update.

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iPhone 3GS users have something to say, even if it only lasts a few minutes before an involuntary reboot. Apple

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that Apple has not heard of any issues regarding iOS 4 on the iPhone 3GS. This may come as a shock to the nearly 1,000 replies on a single Apple Support Discussions forum thread where users are complaining of random reboots in the middle of calls after installing the update.

Apple has confirmed issues with the iPhone 3G and iOS 4 and has publicly stated it is looking into them. The issues with the iPhone 3GS, however, do not appear to be on Apple's radar. The first post on the ASD forum thread regarding the reboot issue from user homer4x4 reads:

"After about 4 or 5 mins in a phone call my iPhone 3GS reboots itself for no apparent reason. this did not happen before I put the iOS4 update on it. Is the some way I can stop this happening, or revert back to the previous version?"

"We're not receiving any reports regarding it being an issue with the iPhone 3GS," said Natalie Harrison, an Apple spokeswoman. "If customers are having problems, we advise them to contact Apple Care for assistance."

Since homer4x4's post on June 22, the forum thread has grown substantially as many users are voicing their concerns that Apple may be glossing over the problem for iPhone 3GS owners. Most of the recent posts, like this from user Phildaston, express more frustration over the lack of communication from Apple:

"Just spoke to a joker in technical support who says Apple have not heard about this issue.. I told him to look at the 62 pages of comments from the people who have bothered to let others know.. his reply "well people can write anything can't they"!! Obviously denial is not just a river in Africa!! It is now Friday, the best they can do is an appointment at my local Apple store on Tuesday."

Now, it's easy to get on the "me too" train with something like this. All these people can't be wrong, right? But, before you pick up a picket sign and march on 1 Infinite Loop, it's worth going through the basic troubleshooting steps for iPhones.

First, try a simple reset. Hold the top button (Sleep/Wake) and the Home button simultaneously until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears. Once your iPhone reboots, make another call to test. Should a reset not solve the issue, try plugging your iPhone into your computer, create a current backup, and click Restore. If you are worried about your information, you can choose to restore from your most current backup. After your iPhone comes back, give it another test.

Finally, if neither of those options work, try clicking Restore again, but this time restore it as a new iPhone. You'll lose some of your information, like text messages, but keep in mind, this is what any service technician will try before considering giving you a new iPhone. You can, of course, add your content back after your iPhone boots. Perform another test by placing a call.

If the issue persists, it may be time to bring your iPhone in to your closest Apple Store or AppleCare technician, call AppleCare (1-800-APL-CARE) to set up a possible exchange, or figure out a way to proceed as you wait for an update from Apple.

How many of our iPhone 3GS readers are experiencing the reboot issue? Let us know in the comments!