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Apple says cases cause iPhone 3GS discoloration

An iPhone 3GS owner in France has reported that white iPhone discoloration is being caused by cases and not the battery as many had suspected.

Summer in Texas this year is hot, but not as hot as the debate over the iPhone 3GS overheating, an issue circulating the Internet for several weeks now. The debate finally came to a head when some users blamed white iPhone 3GS discoloration on overheating and only worsened when Apple updated the heat advisory for the iPhone 3GS.

After some users interpreted Apple's advisory as an admittance of guilt over the widely reported overheating issue and Apple responded that it was merely updating a technical document to cover the iPhone 3GS, a French claiming that certain cases discolor the white iPhone 3GS when exposed to heat.

FrenchiPhone reports (English Translation):

  • After numerous calls to Apple technical service and maintenance of contact with a level 3 (engineer) the problem seems to come not from a hot 3GS but contact with some covers! This was evident by ourselves on a device with a small sticker (a warning not to listen to music too loud) remained stuck, part of the hull below remained white.
  • A simple solution to the problem is to clean the back of the iPhone with alcohol, tested by myself I can confirm that it works and reassure you it is safe for your precious.

While this problem sounds relatively insignificant, we haven't heard of similar issues with previous iPhones. Does the new color transfer indicate that the 3GS runs hotter than its predecessors? What do you think--are the heat problems about the iPhone 3GS much ado about nothing, or something to worry about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.