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Apple-Samsung jury really wanted to go sailing this weekend

The sheer speed of the verdict suggests either a jury of the clear-headed or a jury that was desperate for clear skies.

mahalodotcom/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

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I was really looking forward to at least another week.

I was hoping to be able to digest all the nuances, potential results, pitfalls and expert predictions.

I tell you who wasn't looking forward to that: the jury at the Apple/Samsung trial.

These 9 fine members of humanity must have peered through the window and thought: "Oh, look. We're in Northern California. It's sunny outside. A perfect weekend for sailing."

The just-announced verdict showed that this magnificent nine, some of whom have worked in tech, managed to grasp very quickly who was lying and who wasn't. Or something like that.

If, as I suggested the other day, their high school emotions dictated some of the judgments, then they really were rather in love with Fiona Apple, she who is gorgeous, going to Harvard and a three-sports star.

She can do little wrong. Whereas her fellow classmate just copied and copied and copied.

There is something painfully human about a judge worrying that this case was going to be so complex, with its verdict form of pages and pages, and yet here was the student council whistling as they breezed through it in a mere 21 hours.

"Fascinate? Nah. Galaxy Tab, yeah. Wow, this test is real easy."

Even Apple's lawyers didn't think this would all happen so quickly. One of them wandered into the courthouse today wearing a polo shirt and jeans. You see, he was already prepared for the weekend. Just like the jury.

Many will not be surprised that Apple won, especially with, perhaps, a little home advantage -- home being California. And yet the appeals will roll on, as will the similar cases around the world.

Some will believe that these 9 people on the jury were quickly moved by Samsung's own internal documents, which showed a great and very detailed level of admiration for what Apple did with the iPhone.

Others, though, will simply think that they voted for the clever pretty girl. Oh, and for a weekend's peace.

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