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Apple rejects 'Jesus Face' iPhone app

Me So Holy, an app that allows you to substitute Jesus' face with your own, falls foul of Apple's taste requirements.

Ten days ago, it was one of the gods of rock. Now it's, well, God.

An iPhone app called "Me So Holy," that allowed you take a face shot and insert it into a portrait of Jesus or some other religious figure, has been rejected by Apple's tasterati.

Apple seems to have rejected the app with the same arguments it used to initially reject the Nine Inch Nails app update (which it subsequently approved).

It is not always easy to judge what is religiously tasteful. And what isn't. CC Simone Hudson/Flickr

Section 3.3.12 in the iPhone agreement states: "Applications must not contain any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content or materials of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographs, etc.), or other content or materials that in Apple's reasonable judgment may be found objectionable by iPhone or iPod touch users."

The "Me So Holy" developer, Benjamin Kahle, is wondering just what was so offensive or objectionable.

On his own site, he wrote: "You may be familiar with recent snafus over the baby shaker app and the rejection of the Nine Inch Nails apps. Our question is, is religion really to be placed in the same category as these violent apps? Sex, urine and defecation don't seem to be off-limits, yet a totally non-violent, religion-based app is."

He added: "We feel that Apple is being too sensitive to its perceived user group and are disappointed that this otherwise creative, freethinking company would reject such a positive and fun application. The message to developers is that they should think inside the box, rather than outside it.

Clearly, such apps are suffering the after-effects of the Baby Shaker eruption. Oh, Lordy.