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Apple product events mocked by Sacha Baron Cohen

Technically Incorrect: To promote his new movie, "The Brothers Grimsby," the Borat creator decides to have a good laugh at Apple's self-reverence.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

If only Apple keynotes were this sexy.

Columbia Pictures

Do you think Apple product events have become 12 percent more likable in recent times?

Or are you inclined to think they're now 15 percent more idiotic?

I only wonder because I just watched a new mockery of Apple events offered by Sacha Baron Cohen.

You likely know Cohen best as someone who wrestled naked with large Eastern European friends. He did that in his role as Borat, a hapless Kazakh reporter traveling through the US, in 2006's "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

Cohen has a new movie coming out, called -- at least in the US -- "The Brothers Grimsby." As part of promoting it, he uploaded a small artistic work to the "Brothers Grimsby" Twitter account.

It parodies the events so many worship: Apple product launches.


With the next one due March 21, Cohen must have thought this was fine timing. He believes that, just as with every Apple product, his new movie will revolutionize the world.

We see frenzied fanpersons desperate to hear Cohen's words. We see him being described as a visionary and prophet. Well, perhaps in Kazakhstan.

Cohen makes a fairly fine fist of being Jony Ive. The fact that he's English helps, of course.

But instead of selling Apple products, he's selling his movie career, which began with the joyously ridiculous Ali G. (Add a mustache and anti-Semitism, he says, and you get Borat.)

He explains that Nobby, one of the main characters in the new movie, is 12 percent more likable than Borat and 15 percent more idiotic than Ali G.

There are some fine jokes about guns too.

But it's hard these days to mock Apple events. Since Steve Jobs' death they've become slightly more self-deprecatory. And there have already been many parodies, some even of the fanpersons watching the event.

Every comedian struggles to find new jokes. I hope there are some good ones in Cohen's movie.