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Apple Pay, Motorola's tease and trampoline misadventures in CNET UK Podcast 441

Those handsome chaps on the CNET UK Podcast talk about the arrival of Apple Pay in the UK and take a bounce at the UK's largest trampoline park.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Apple Pay has finally launched in the UK, letting you make payments in shops and cafés simply by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on the till. In this week's podcast, we take the new payment system for a spin in London, and it's definitely not just so we can put a McDonald's lunch on the company expenses.

Next, we discuss the surprise launch of the HTC One M9+ and try to work out what Motorola's cryptic event invitation could mean. It's probably a new phone. Luke and Andy have also been working hard testing out the UK's largest trampoline park -- a vast warehouse full of trampolines and foam pits. Hear how the intrepid twosome attempted to recapture their youth and ended up feeling older and more worn down than ever.

Plus, your feedback and so much more. It's all coming up on the CNET UK podcast episode 441, so hit play now! If you enjoyed the show, why not treat us to a review on iTunes? It would make our weekend.

Apple Pay, Motorola's tease, and trampoline misadventures in CNET UK Podcast 441

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