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Apple outlines Leopard upgrade path for current Mac owners

Details on upgrading to Leopard

At least some current Mac owners can get Leopard for free.

One of our chief complaints about the new iMac and Mac Mini from this summer was that Apple gave no details on the upgrade path to Apple's Leopard OS X update that everyone knew was coming later this year. Now that we have for the full version of Leopard, Apple has also spilled on what this update means for you new Mac owners.

From Engadget: "Users who bought Apple machines from October 1 on can participate in Apple's Up-To-Date Program, which provides free Leopard upgrades (for $10 shipping)."

You'll find more specific upgrading details on Apple's own Up-To-Date page.

We expect anyone who purchased a Mac after October 1 will welcome the free upgrade, but the new iMac and updated Mac Mini went on sale on August 8. Looks like you Apple early adopters get burned once again.