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Apple offers you the universe if you'll only buy iPad Pro

Technically Incorrect: It's about bigness and about the stylus -- I mean, the pencil -- in Apple's new "great big universe."

Will it be universally popular?

Tony Rowell/Corbis

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

This is America, where we like things big.

We also like to think we're the center of the universe.

It's hardly surprising that, in trying to sell you the virtues of its new larger-than-life iPad, Apple is offering you a "Great Big Universe."

This, at least, is the title of the ad that's supposed to get you perched over your decaying MacBook Air on Wednesday, ready to buy the iPad Pro.

Apple doesn't seem entirely clear who it's aiming its bigness at. Its executives appear to have differing views. But in this ad it's clear that the iPad Pro is meant for astronomers.

Or, at least, for people who like to look up at the sky and wonder if the strange antenna-headed beings out there have already got iPad Pros.

Here we have lots of moving images of the vast world beyond. Two thirds of the way through, we realize that they're being watched by someone fond of observation and pencils. Perhaps it's someone who works for the security services.

Still, Apple promises in the YouTube blurb that this professionally vast item "takes your creativity and productivity to an epic scale."

This might be true. It all depends on how you define "epic" in your life. In my case, epic is three World Series in five years and an NBA championship. In yours, it might be mapping the universe and teaching robots how to play cricket.

Ads like this aren't going to sway people too much. What will is seeing the iPad Pro in real life. Apple's products have long been the best advertisement for the company. Their design and their sheer taste have at times been universally arresting.

The first time you see someone else waving an iPad Pro around, you'll want to hold it for yourself. And then you'll either be sold or you'll decide it doesn't quite fit in your universe.