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Apple objects to Chinese food maker's logo, report says

A maker of flour and noodles reportedly receives a letter from Apple, asking it to change its logo, which might seem, to objective eyes, to resemble LG's more than Apple's.

In addition to being extremely touchy-feely, Apple can sometimes be just touchy.

So when my almost-regular reading of Go Cheng Doo brought up an example of Apple reportedly being a little upset, I wasn't entirely surprised.

In this case, the company is apparently objecting to the logo of the Sichuan Fangguo Food Co., Ltd. Naturally, it will be down to aesthetes and lawyers to decide just what resemblance this logo has with that of the world's most famous company.

But to some gazes, it might be LG, rather than Apple, which might ask a few questions. It really does seem as if Sichuan Fangguo Food has taken the LG logo and added what might be an apple core and leaf, or perhaps the top of a Christmas bauble, to create its logo.

Go Cheng Doo reports that Apple's objection lies in using the company's conceptual elements. Fangguo CEO Zhao Yi says he received a letter from Apple's lawyers two days before the logo registration was closing.

The Apple logo is the one on the right. Go Cheng Doo

Yi clearly feels somewhat aggrieved. He told Go Cheng Doo: "There's a leaf so you can tell it's an apple, but it also contains two Chinese characters. The orientation is also different, and ours is a totally different shape."

As if thumbing his nose vaguely in the direction of Cupertino, he added: "When I started Fangguo, I had never even heard of Apple."

There is also another slight issue Apple had with this logo. Sichuan Fangguo's application reportedly attempts to register it under, among others, the categories "notebook computers" and "electronic game software." According to Cheng Doo, Sichuan Fangguo Food is a maker of noodles and flour.

Apple's Beijing attorney told Go Cheng Doo that the company would like Sichuan Fangguo to remove the leaf and the attempt to register in electronics categories.

Yi, for his part, explained that his company's logo was created in the 1980s, when the Sichuan Fangguo belonged to a state-run company.

There are no reports that LG has noticed this logo and wondered about it. Perhaps it is already familiar with it and finds it rather flattering.