Apple mercilessly mocked by IKEA

To launch its BookBook, aka its catalog, IKEA uses the methods of an Apple product launch. Plus humor.

Chris Matyszczyk

Let's just call the spokesman in this Apple-parody ad "Jony IveKEA." IKEA/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

"The first thing to note is no cables. Not even a power cable."

If this sounds like some magical, revolutionary new Apple product, you'd be almost right.

For these words signal a mocking of just about every launch of a magical, revolutionary Apple product. It's courtesy of IKEA.

"The battery life is eternal," explains a cheery Nordic presenter, who might just be a Jony Ive in the making.

He waxes poetically about tactile touch technology. "Right to left to move forwards. Left to right to move backwards," he says.

He marvels at the product's ability to expand in size. And it loads "instantaneously, no matter how fast you scroll."

It even has voice-activated password protection, something that's very au courant in Apple's world right now.

What can this extraordinary product be? Why, it's the BookBook. You might be familiar with it as the IKEA catalog.

It seems, over the last year or two, that there have been so many ads mocking Apple that you wonder if there's any mockery left to squeeze.

Could it be that the Apple-parody ad has become, like the mother-in-law joke, a touch passé? Or is Apple the comedy gift that will always keep on giving?