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Apple makes waves with Mavericks, iPad Air

Apple releases its OS X operating system update for free and unleashes new hardware. CNET's Bridget Carey has the roundup on the new iPads, MacBook Pro laptops, the Mac Pro desktop, and more.

CNET Update breaks down all the Apple news:

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In this episode of Update, get a quick overview of the new Apple iPads and Mac computers, which include:

- The 1lb iPad Air, which goes on sale November 1, starting at $500 for 16GB.

- The faster iPad Mini with Retina display, arriving later in November, starting at $400.

- The powerhouse Mac Pro desktop, coming in December for $2,999.

- Updated MacBook Pro laptops with better processors and a lower starting price of $1,299, on sale now.

Apple also revealed a few software surprises, including:

- Updates to the iLife and iWork programs for iOS and OS X, which are included for free on new devices.

- Apple's new iWork collaborative tools that allow multiple users to edit a document.

- The OS X Mavericks update is available for free for all Mac users starting today. New features in Mavericks include Apple Maps, an improved Safari, and iCloud Keychain for online purchases and passwords. Be sure to prepare your computer before updating.


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