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Apple's dongle obsession explained with laughter

Technically Incorrect: The laughing Spanish Apple engineer is back with a beautifully scripted explanation of how MacBook Pro dongles came to be.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Dongles. Hah. Dongles.

Jason Skidmore/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When new Apple products come along, many so-called experts express their views.

But what about the insiders?

While Apple's executives do interviews to explain the official company line, those who know the secrets are left to sit in silence.

Except for one intrepid Apple engineer. The Spanish one who laughs all the time. (Okay, he's not really an Apple employee, but his laugh is just what Silicon Valley needs.)

You might remember him from last year, when he revealed that Apple's engineers forgot to put in more than one port on the new MacBook.

Now that the MacBook Pro has emerged, to a mixed reception, he's back.

In a new parody video, he explains that CEO Tim Cook angrily walked into the Laptop Division's office.

"He said...'iPhone division is generating way more income than laptops.'"

The engineers knew they had to please him. Finally, a genius offered: "Remove all the ports and sell them as dongles."

And there a great (profit-making) idea was born.

"Maybe we should get rid of the keyboard and sell a dongle for that," mused the giggling engineer. That would be something.

Apple now sells many dongles. Some calculate it's 17. I got up to 19. Indeed, the company may have been surprised at the backlash after the MacBook Pro launch, as it decided to reduce the price of its dongles to assist in assimilation.

Jason Skidmore, who made this video, explained on YouTube that he isn't anti-Apple.

"I actually made this video on my pre-2016 MacBook," he said. "In my view it was a mistake to go USB-C only."

His masterwork, which was posted November 2, has already been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube.

As for the laughing Apple engineer, he admitted he's finally quitting.

He's starting a dongle company.