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Apple kerfuffles are funny: Cosplay as a bent iPhone 6

Give your geek buddies a good laugh this Halloween with a bent-iPhone outfit that can be put together from simple costuming materials.

Bendgate cosplay
Give yourself the bends for Halloween.

Halloween is fun for adults partly for the endless costuming opportunities it presents. A lot of people will choose to go with the classics, like pirates, ghosts or zombie Elvis. Others will want to play off of current events. If you fall in the latter category and are a geek, then a bent iPhone 6 should make you the belle of the costume ball.

The folks over at stayed late after work to create a DIY Bendgate costume you can make yourself. You may want to tweak the supply list to match materials you have on hand, but used a black second-skin full-body suit, foam board, black-out vinyl, printed iPhone icons and white cartoon gloves that look like they were plucked off Mickey Mouse's hands.

The foam board acts as the body of the phone. Round off the edges and cut a hole for your face. The black vinyl covers the foam and the seams are sealed with clear packing tape. After that, you just have to plaster on the icons with spray-glue and add some details like a Touch ID at the bottom. The foam will give you that straight-out-of-the-box iPhone 6 Plus look. To evoke the bending frenzy, you just have to get a good grip on the costume's sides and give it a bend. A pained expression is the perfect look to go along with this.

This outfit can also double as a couple's costume. It helps if your partner has long hair or is wearing a wig. You can just attach some hair to the costume itself and you'll get an instant "Hairgate" cosplay. also suggests just taping a long wig onto the costume if you don't have someone willing to be physically attached to you all night long.

I'm seriously tempted to make this iPhone 6 Plus costume, throw on some and top it off with a samurai Darth Vader helmet. Then on Halloween, I could go as my own articles for CNET -- an in-joke so in, I'd be the only one to get it.

Hairgate cosplay
Find a willing friend and turn this into a Hairgate cosplay.