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Apple investigating complaints of iPod static

Apple Computer says it is looking into some users' complaints of sound problems--ranging from crackling sound to interrupted play--with the iPod Mini.

Apple Computer said late Monday that it is looking into some users' complaints of sound problems with the iPod Mini.

Complaints ranging from crackling sound to interrupted play have been making the rounds on Apple enthusiast sites, including iPodlounge.

"Apple is aware of a few isolated reports online of iPod Mini audio static," the company said in a statement, adding that the device is covered by the company's standard one year warranty.

The device has been in short supply since it went on sale in February. Apple has pushed back the global launch of the Mini to try to satisfy U.S. demand for the $249 player, which holds 4GB worth of music.

CEO Steve Jobs debuted the Mini at this year's Macworld Expo in January. In February, Apple noted that it had 100,000 pre-orders for the iPod Mini. The company may update the sales figure when it reports earnings Wednesday.